Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Wife's Prayer

I recently came across a poem/prayer that I think is worth sharing with the world.  I have no idea of the author, nor which women's conference, marriage conference or Bible study it came from other than something I attended at Denton Bible Church.  I hope that someone out there will enjoy this and use it as a guide to love their husbands ...


Let me be his sunshine when the skies are dark and gray.                                                                                                              
 Let me be his comfort when he’s had a long hard day.
Let me be his shelter when winds are harsh and cold.
Let me be submissive when the rest on earth are bold.
Let me be his pillow when he’s tired and needs a rest.
Let me be assuring when he’s facing some hard test.
Let me listen softly when the world is pressing in.
Let me understand when no one else can comprehend.
Let me walk beside him when he needs to have a friend.
Let me sing sweet music when his heart’s without a song.
Let me be his living joy, every moment all day long.


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