Monday, April 30, 2012

Bluebonnets and Bel

Bluebonnets and Aunt Merry making me smile!
Yes! I love the camera! (she probably thinks its a body part of ours since its in her face so much!LOL)
First professional photo session 1 day old :)

Eight months ago today ...

Eight months ago life as I knew it would forever be changed ... the picture above is what we get to see everyday and yes the smile is ALWAYS that big! She smiles the moment she sees me come into her room. She smiles when she sees me across the room. She smiles when she sees me open the car door to let her out of her car seat. She smiles everytime she sees me ... even when she dosen't feel good she smiles. Eight months ago I didn't know what it meant to be a mom and Jeff never knew his heart could truly flip in joy at the sight of such a little tiny human nor did he know that it would ache so bad when he couldn't see her ... (thus the beautiful I phone 4 I have with face time! LOL) ... Eight months ago God decided our wait was over and HE brought Isabel into this world for us to parent and to love unlike we ever knew we were capable! Every morning for eight months that adorable face you see above is what I get to look at ... and my emotions are still so raw that sometimes when I see her and she smiles at me my heart stops beating, I loose my breath and close my eyes and pray Lord this is not a dream is it? I open my eyes and she is still there ... smiling and now kicking her feet in delight that I am there. Jeff and I are brought to tears still at times when our heart wells up with emotion at the joy and delight that Isabel is to us and the privilige that God has given us.
FUNNY FACE! LOL We think her upper teeth are coming in since this is a new face we get to see recently :)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter continued ...

Hey Ya'll!

As you can see I am still 'tinkering' around with our family blog. After I uploaded the Easter pictures I forgot to write the blog! LOL Oh well I am a work in progress :) Our little "Puddin' Pop" (a nickname her Daddy has given her) was just too cute Easter morning! She loved her little sand pail and gardening hat. Now she can help her mama out in the garden.

Her Nana sent the bonnet which recieved rave reviews from all the ladies in the nursery at church as well as a few gentlemen.

We will never grow tired of giving our Lord the praise and glory for all He has given to us. Our Redeemer Lives!